Upcoming CIOFF New Zealand Hui

Sunday 30 September at Newlands Community Centre 9 Batchelor Street, Newlands Wellington at 1p.m

CIOFF stands for the “International Council of Organisations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art” and is an international cultural non-governmental Organisation (NGO) in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. CIOFF international membership is today representative of more than 72 countries from all continents.

Created in 1970, the duty of CIOFF is safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of traditional culture and folklore. To achieve this, CIOFF has the following objectives:

  • Promote the intangible heritage through forms of expression such as dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts;
  • Serve the objectives of UNESCO;
  • Support the activities of its members and those of non-governmental organisations and all other institutions working in the field of cultural heritage;
  • Serve the cause of peace, through the above objectives.
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